Billing & Pricing

House Cleaning Rates and Payments

We charge $40 (+ tax) per cleaning hour. 1 Cleaner = 1 Cleaning Hour, we send teams of at least 2 cleaners to each job.

Our minimum is 3 house cleaning hours. We do not accept jobs under 3 hours ($120 + tax). If we send 2 cleaners to your home for 3 hours of House cleaning, the work will be completed in 1 hour and a half. Sales tax is charged on all services and is calculated based on your home address. 

​We start charging after the teams get into your home and do a tour. This allows the team to get acclimated to your home without you being charged. Unlike some house cleaning competitors, we allow the teams to unload the car and get into the home without the pressure of being on the clock. This can save you up to 30 minutes of paid house cleaning time each visit.

Our House cleaning teams clean right up until the end of your paid time. We never leave early and will work on extras if we have time after all items on your personalized plan are completed. 


We accept cash and checks.

You can leave checks/cash behind for the House cleaning team to collect.

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